At the end of 2016, the value of assets under the management of the Bank of Finland totalled EUR 19,082 million. These assets consist of the Bank’s own financial assets, the share of foreign reserve assets transferred to the ECB and the Bank's pension fund assets. At the end of 2016, the values of these assets amounted to EUR 17,382 million, EUR 1,087 million and EUR 613 million, respectively.

The Bank of Finland invests its own financial assets on the international financial markets. The management of the reserves serves to maintain the value of the financial assets and the Bank's ability to support the liquidity of the banking system and the economy. The Bank’s investment policy is guided by the objectives of security, liquidity and return.

Management of the foreign reserves of the European Central Bank has been distributed among the Eurosystem national central banks on the basis of what is known as the capital key. In the management of the reserves, security and liquidity objectives are key, since the primary purpose of the reserves is to ensure sufficient resources for any foreign exchange interventions that may need to be conducted by the Eurosystem. The Bank of Finland manages its share of the ECB's foreign reserves together with the Bank of Estonia.

The objective of the Bank of Finland's pension fund is to manage the assets held to cover the Bank's pension liability in accordance with the generally accepted principles for the management of pension assets.