The Head of Monetary Policy and Research is Juha Kilponen.

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The Monetary Policy and Research department includes the following divisions and units:


The Forecasting division is responsible for macroeconomic forecasts concerning the Finnish economy as well as monitoring the Finnish economy and conducting analysis of domestic economic policy. The Forecasting division also maintains and develops macroeconomic forecasting models and systems.

The Head of the Forecasting division is Meri Obstbaum.

Monetary policy and International Economy

The Monetary Policy and International Economy division is responsible for the macroeconomic analysis of developed economies other than Finland. The objective of its activities is to supply an up-to-date macroeconomic view for the purposes of both monetary policy and broader domestic discussion.

The Head of the Monetary Policy and International Economy division is Hanna Freystätter.

The Bank of Finland Institute for emerging Economies (BOFIT)

The Bank of Finland Institute for Emerging Economies (BOFIT) is an internationally high-level research institute specialising in emerging economies. BOFIT monitors and analyses current developments in Russia and China and conducts long-term academic research.

The Head of Research at BOFIT is Iikka Korhonen.


The Research unit is an internationally active and recognised unit, whose work emphasises both academic quality criteria and the usability of the research in policy formation. The focus is on researching the interaction between the macro economy and the financial markets and the stability of both. All research economist positions are doctorate level and fixed-term.

The Head of Research is Esa Jokivuolle.