Integrated Reporting Framework for banks

IReF is a reform initiative covering the whole euro area with the aim of collating the ECB's all statistical reporting requirements for monetary financial institutions into a single regulation and a uniform framework. The objective is to also combine national data needs into the same framework as comprehensively as possible.

The general principles of IReF are: regulate once, define once, report once, perform as one system.

At the same time, foundations are laid for the integration of supervision and resolution reporting at a later point in time. IReF-related work is carried out in an ECB-led project, in which the Bank of Finland also participates via steering and working groups. The Governing Council of the ECB supervises the progress of the project. The aim is to launch reporting under IReF in 2027.

Once IReF enters into force, it will replace the Bank of Finland's current RATI (MFI data), LuoTi (credit data) and TIHA (securities data) statistical reporting.

To support the preparatory work, the Bank of Finland, together with the industry, has established a small working group, which also includes Finance Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). In addition to the website, the Bank of Finland will communicate on the IReF project by email, in info sessions aimed at all reporters, and in RATI–LuoTi infos.

Small working group

Further information on IReF on the ECB website