On the basis of the ECB regulation concerning the balance sheet of the MFI sector (ECB/2021/2), all newly authorised MFIs have a reporting obligation to the Bank of Finland. When new MFIs are included in statistical reporting, only limited reporting (as 'tail reporters') is generally required. MFIs of this type must submit quarterly reports. The reporting obligation enters into force at the same time as the institution begins operations. At present a full, that is, monthly reporting obligation is required of an institution if its balance sheet total amounts to EUR 200 million at three consecutive reporting dates.

On this page, please find material for new monetary financial institutions (MFIs), with information on reporting, minimum reserves and ECB guidelines on reporting. For a new reporter we will also send a covering letter by land mail addressed to the institution by name.
We will readily provide additional information on reporting. We are also prepared to organise a meeting in order to discuss reporting to the authorities in greater detail.