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Owing to current trading activity in the EUR/RUB market, the European Central Bank (ECB) is not in a position to set a reference rate that is representative of prevailing market conditions. The ECB has therefore decided to suspend its publication of a euro reference rate for the Russian rouble until further notice. The ECB last published a EUR/RUB reference rate on 1 March 2022.



Exchange rates 30 Nov 2022
Australian dollar AUD 1.5425
Bulgarian lev BGN 1.9558
Brazilian real BRL 5.5063
Canadian dollar CAD 1.4021
Swiss franc CHF 0.9854
Chinese yuan renminbi CNY 7.3437
Czech koruna CZK 24.338
Danish krone DKK 7.4366
UK pound sterling GBP 0.8649
Hong Kong dollar HKD 8.0944
Croatian kuna HRK 7.549
Hungarian forint HUF 408.40
Indonesian rupiah IDR 16271.81
Israeli shekel ILS 3.5691
Indian rupee INR 84.4215
Icelandic krona ISK 147.10
Japanese yen JPY 144.28
Korean won (Republic) KRW 1365.14
Mexican peso MXN 20.0111
Malaysian ringgit MYR 4.6147
Norwegian krone NOK 10.2648
New Zealand dollar NZD 1.6634
Philippine peso PHP 58.697
Polish zloty PLN 4.6635
Romanian leu RON 4.9245
Swedish krona SEK 10.9345
Singapore dollar SGD 1.418
Thai baht THB 36.588
Turkish lira TRY 19.3333
US dollar USD 1.0376
South African Rand ZAR 17.5768