The communications environment has been changing rapidly. While traditional media remain the primary source of information, the role of social media has become increasingly important. News is published around the clock and the news cycle has gathered pace. People now acquire and handle information in a multitude of ways. Different technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) applications, are transforming the way we communicate.

The fast-shifting environment has made it more challenging to reach the different stakeholders. To succeed in this, our communications should be multi-channel, multilingual and readily understood. "The Bank of Finland’s new communications policy helps us operate in a changing environment and gives stakeholders an opportunity to evaluate what we do," says Bank of Finland Deputy Governor Marja Nykänen.

New core message indicates the Bank’s role in society

The Bank of Finland has an important role to play in strengthening Finland’s overall security by maintaining the stability of the economic system. The Bank of Finland’s core message published today portrays the central role of the Bank: Securing stability using high-quality data.

“In this age of fake news and information influencing, we at the Bank of Finland focus on producing and analysing high-quality data on the economy. Our aim is that the Bank and our stakeholders who use this data will be able to make better informed decisions for the benefit of society,” says Marja Nykänen.

The research and analysis conducted by the Bank of Finland’s experts is intended for wider use in society. When we communicate, we are also implementing the Bank’s policy goals and engaging in dialogue with different stakeholders.

The Bank of Finland is part of the Eurosystem. Communication is a key monetary policy tool, as it is used for shaping expectations on the economy. Clear communication helps people understand the policies pursued by the central bank under different economic circumstances. The Bank of Finland ensures that stakeholders get the information they require about the activities and decisions of the European Central Bank.

Take a look at the Bank of Finland’s Communications Policy