The safety and wellbeing of our staff are of prime importance to the Bank of Finland. Within the Bank, the corona virus situation is being monitored and response measures prepared by a specially assigned group under the leadership of Deputy Governor Marja Nykänen. Under the contingency arrangements, distance work has been increased and all work-related travel has been suspended. The Bank is additionally cancelling all public events and seminars until the end of May 2020. The Bank of Finland Museum’s presentations are being cancelled and no new bookings are being accepted until further notice.

The Bank of Finland has contingency arrangements in place for carrying out its official tasks in the event of corona-related sick leave and quarantine of staff members. The Bank regularly tests the functionality of various contingency procedures, and this testing has been stepped up on account of the corona situation.

In its contingency planning, the Bank of Finland cooperates closely with other authorities both within the Eurosystem and with other central banks. Fundamental to contingency planning is being able to carry out official tasks even during disruptions and other exceptional circumstances.

The Bank of Finland is monitoring and analysing the situation on the financial markets and the economic effects of the corona virus. The Bank will update its assessment of Finland’s current-year growth in connection with the economic assessment to be published on 18 March 2020.

For additional information please contact:

Deputy Governor Marja Nykänen, tel. +358 (0)9 183 2007
Head of Communications Jenni Hellström, tel. +358 (0)9 183 2632