The Board of the Bank of Finland has appointed Meri Obstbaum, DSc (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), and Kimmo Virolainen, DSc (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), as Advisers to the Board. These appointments are for a five-year term. Obstbaum will also head the Bank’s Monetary Policy Preparation Process. Virolainen will head the Bank’s International Economic Policy Process.

Meri Obstbaum has served since 2019 as Bank of Finland Head of Forecasting in the Monetary Policy and Research Department and as a member of the Bank’s Monetary Policy Analysis Group. Prior to that she served in various posts at the Bank of Finland and the Ministry of Finance.

Kimmo Virolainen continues as Adviser to the Board of the Bank of Finland. He has previously served as Acting Member of the Board of the Bank of Finland and as Head of the Financial Markets and Statistics Department. In 2016–2018, he served as an Alternate Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC.