The Bank of Finland’s Data Balance Sheet brings together details of the development work undertaken in information management within the Bank during 2021 and focuses on various aspects of data security and data protection. It also presents interesting facts and figures concerning central bank functions, information management and analytical work. The Bank of Finland’s first Data Balance Sheet is published today on the Bank’s website.

The Act on Information Management in Public Administration, which entered into force at the beginning of 2020, obligates information management entities to organise sufficient supervision of compliance with the legislation, regulations and guidelines on information management.

The Data Balance Sheet will serve in future as a key component of the Bank of Finland’s reporting on information management. It presents more extensive information than before to stakeholders on the central bank’s operating environment in regard to data and its use. Its purpose is to highlight the importance of data – plus the information derived from it and the knowledge interpreted from that information – to the work of the central bank.

Published after the release of the Bank of Finland Annual Report, the Data Balance Sheet serves to complement the Annual Report from an information management perspective. The Data Balance Sheet is published in Finnish, Swedish and English. Publication of the English version will be in May 2022.

Composition of Data Balance Sheet

The Data Balance Sheet starts with a contents list, an introduction and articles from the Bank’s senior management. It then deals with the following broad themes: a) production and utilisation of data; b) information management, information resources and information flows; c) data security and data protection; and d) monitoring and key figures.

As this is the Bank of Finland’s first published Data Balance Sheet, we welcome any feedback you may have. This will enable us to make the next publication even better, with improved and more useful reporting on information management. If you would like to give feedback, please send it to You might also be interested in the statement on public access to documents and the privacy statements on the Bank of Finland website.