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    Bank of Finland, Rauhankatu 19 (R19 Auditorium), Helsinki

This year we are celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Simulator Seminar and we are happy to invite you on 31 August–1 September to Helsinki, Finland.

This year we have again received numerous interesting research papers from around the world. As a keynote speaker, we have Jamie McAndrews giving a lecture on “Liquidity-saving mechanism and economic incentives”. The rest of the seminar covers, among others, the following themes: detecting anomalies and real-time monitoring of FMIs as well as big data analysis, cryptocurrencies, DLT and payment behavior.

Preliminary program

Fill in the online registration form here: https://www.lyyti.in/simulator2017 by 14 August*).

*) However, please note that there will be a number of international events this summer in Helsinki so we strongly recommend early registrations as well as hotel reservations.

TRAINING on the BoF-PSS2 Simulator

In addition, a two-day training course on the use of the BoF-PSS2 Simulator will be organised back to back with seminar on 29–30 August. Besides new users, the course is beneficial to the advanced users as well, because it has been updated to be based on the new functionalities like the automated stress testing tool and CCP modelling features.

The course includes illustrative exercises covering topics such as stress tests, quantitative analysis of system efficiency, settlement, liquidity and credit risks as well as systemic and counterparty risks. During the course, participants are actively involved in using the BoF-PSS2 Simulator. The course fee for the training is EUR 900+24% VAT.

In case of any questions, please contact Mr Tatu Laine (bof-pss [at] bof.fi).