Bank of Finland 200 years – part one of the historical account of the Bank has been released.
The Bank of Finland has played an important part in shaping the nation's and its peoples' lives for the 200 years of its activities, to date. Established in 1811, the Bank of Finland is the world's fourth oldest central bank. 
The history of the Bank over those years has been written by the renowned banking historian Antti Kuusterä Ph.D. and Juha Tarkka Ph.D., Advisor to the Board at the Bank of Finland. The books are being published by Otava Publishing Company.
The publication being released this spring is the first of a two-part narrative of the history of the Bank, entitled "Imperial Cashier to Central Bank" and looks at the history of the central bank from inception to the Second World War.
The book recounts why Finland was granted it own financial system already half a century before the country gained independence; how the Bank of Finland was the bank to the People's Delegation in the spring of 1918 and how the young Governor of the Bank of Finland, Risto Ryti fought to maintain the value of the markka in the years of the Great Depression of the 1930s.
Bank of Finland 200 years (part I) will be presented to the public at the Bank of Finland's Economics Books Today series held in the Bank of Finland Museum on 3 May 2011, at 5.30 p.m.
Part two of the history of the Bank of Finland will be published in October 2011.
For more details please contact: Communications, Bank of Finland +358 10 831 2626.