The Studia Monetaria lecture series will continue through winter and spring 2012. The lectures deal with the areas of responsibility and histories of the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). The lecturers are leading experts in their fields, mainly from the Bank of Finland and FIN-FSA. The lectures are intended for the general public, and participation does not require any special background knowledge.
The lectures are open to everyone and are free of charge. They are delivered in Finnish and are held on Tuesdays at 5.30–7.00 pm at the Bank of Finland Museum, Snellmaninkatu 2, Helsinki.
Does banking regulation mean the demise of banking?
Development of banking regulation
Esa Jokivuolle, Adviser, Bank of Finland
The first year of the new EU financial supervisory authorities amid the debt crisis
Jukka Vesala, Deputy Director General, Financial Supervisory Authority
Are new tools needed for preventing financial crises?
Macroprudential policy for the financial system
Kimmo Virolainen, Head of Department, Bank of Finland
What is money?
Central bank money, scriptural money (ie money deposited in an account), electronic money, cash
Karlo Kauko, Adviser, Bank of Finland
17.4.   Note. Date changed
Options available to savers
Features of savings and investment product groups. Risks. Compensation funds. Investor’s checklist. And if problems occur?
Terhi Lambert-Karjalainen, Head of Communications, Financial Supervisory Authority
Can I pay by cash?
Pekka Somerkoski, Legal Affairs, Bank of Finland
For further information, please contact Jaakko Koskentola, Curator of the Bank of Finland Museum, telephone +358 10 19 5702.