In the first part of 2017, a total of 345 counterfeit euro banknotes were detected among banknotes in circulation in Finland. The number of counterfeits halved if the figure is compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, when 703 counterfeits were found. Last year, 2,171 counterfeits in all were detected.

'The probability of receiving a counterfeit euro banknote in Finland is very small. It is, however, advisable to pay attention to the security features of the banknotes when handling them,' says Jussi Kangas, Head of Cash Operations in the Bank of Finland.

The numbers of counterfeit euro banknotes in Finland are modest, compared with the situation in other euro area countries. Among the banknotes in circulation in Finland, the EUR 50 was the most frequently discovered counterfeit banknote (163 counterfeits) in the first half of 2017, followed by the EUR 20 (100 counterfeits) and EUR 100 (34 counterfeits).

Period (the first or second half of the year)

1/2015 2/2015 1/2016 2/2016 1/2017
Number of counterfeits
521 564 703 1,468 345

The new series of euro banknotes serves as a means of combating counterfeiting. In the security features of the banknotes, use has been made of the latest technology that makes it more difficult to produce counterfeits. So far, the EUR 5, EUR 10, EUR 20 and EUR 50 banknotes have already been renewed. The new EUR 50 note was just launched in April this year.

A number of security features have been incorporated into euro banknotes for recognising genuine banknotes. Banknote authenticity can be checked by using simple tests: by feeling the raised print, looking at the banknote against the light and tilting the banknote. In case of doubt, a suspected banknote should be compared directly with one that is known to be genuine. Instructions and guides for checking banknote authenticity can be found on the Bank of Finland website ( > Money and payments).

In a press release issued today ( the European Central Bank provides an overview of the counterfeit situation regarding euro banknotes.

For further information on the situation in Finland, please contact:

Jussi Kangas, Head of Cash Operations, Bank of Finland
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