Current account

Finnish companies paid a total of EUR 2.8 bn abroad in dividends on portfolio investment in January–May. This is almost EUR 300 m more than in the year-earlier period. Finnish companies usually distribute dividends in March–May. On average, 98% of total annual dividends are paid in this period. The stock of Finnish equities owned by foreign investors decreased between end-December 2010 and end-May 2011 by almost EUR 7.5 bn. A large part of the change is due to a decline in the market value of equities.

The current account posted a deficit of EUR 0.9 bn in May, compared to a deficit of about EUR 0.6 bn in May 2010. 

  • In May, the BOP goods account was in balance. A year earlier, it was EUR 0.4 bn in surplus. Compared with last year’s May figure, the value of exports increased by 16% and the value of imports by 27%. The value of imports was inflated inter alia by a rise in oil prices. In the period January–May of this year, a surplus of EUR 0.06 bn accumulated on the BOP goods account. In the same period a year ear-lier, there was a surplus of EUR 0.6 bn.


Financial account

Net capital inflows totalled EUR 4.0 bn.

  • Net direct investment inflows totalled EUR 0.9 bn.
  • Net portfolio investment inflows amounted to EUR 1.2 bn.
  • Other investments (loans, deposits and trade credits) amounted to a net inflow of EUR 1.9 bn.


Current account and trade account

Net international investment position at end-May

Foreign assets exceeded foreign liabilities by EUR 20 bn.

  • Finnish residents’ foreign assets amounted to EUR 575 bn. 
  • Finnish residents’ foreign liabilities amounted to EUR 555 bn.

Net international investment position excluding equity items recorded net liabilities of EUR 53 bn.

Net international investment position


Finland's balance of payments
Year 2010,
EUR million
April 2011,
EUR million
May 2011,
EUR million
12 month moving sum, EUR million
Current account 5,574 -771 -902 4,646
    Goods 3,352 26 -1 2,772
    Services 2,131 29 7 1,948
    Income 1,723 -678 -759 1,515
    Current transfers -1,632 -148 -148 -1,589
Capital account 178 13 13 174
Financial account -1,231 -570 3,964 -473
    Direct investment -3,073 -1,374 891 -4,587
    Portfolio investment -6,158 -5,176 1,221 -10,072
    Other investment 6,702 5,644 1,857 14,423
    Reserve assets 1,661 151 -253 129
    Financial derivatives -362 184 247 -365
Errors and omissions -4,521 1,328 -3,075 -4,347
The statistics become final more than two years after the end of the reference year.

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