Updates 20 August 2014
The Bank of Finland’s rules for counterparties and customers are updated in accordance with the Guideline ECB/2014/31. The changes will become effective on 20 August 2014. In addition, two sections are updated on the basis of previous ECB decisions.

3 Collateral

Bank of Finland rules on collateral management
Section  The end date for the eligibility of asset-backed securities that fulfil specific eligibility criteria only partially was added in a footnote (ECB/2013/36).
Definitions related to asset-backed securities were updated in respect of the Regulation on the basis of which default is defined.
The paragraph ‛Excise of discretion in respect of certain government-guaranteed bank bonds on the public list of collateral’ was updated with countries that are compliant with an EU/IMF programme.
Section Certain debt instruments issued by non-financial corporations were added in the paragraph concerning admission of additional credit claims. The Bank of Finland does not accept assets of this type as collateral.
Section The paragraph ‛Derogations from close links provisions’ was supplemented with a date when banks’ own issuances of government-guaranteed instru-ments may no longer be submitted as collateral.
Section Specific haircuts applying to marketable debt instruments issued or fully guaranteed by the Republic of Cyprus were added as Table 3.