The Generation €uro Students’ Award is a new competition organised within the euro area, with the aim of familiarising intermediate-level students with monetary policy decision-making and economic fundamentals. The competition will take place simultaneously across the euro area countries. In Finland, the competition will be organised by the Bank of Finland while competitors attending international and European schools operating in Finland will fall under the auspices of the European Central Bank.

The Generation €uro Students’ Award is accessible to all intermediate-level students, and participation in the contest takes place in teams. The first round of the three-round competition will be implemented via the Internet, commencing at the beginning of October. The best teams of the first round will participate in the second round, which will take the form of an essay task. The third round will be conducted at the Bank of Finland, and the teams qualified for this final stage will all be awarded. From these award-winning teams the best will be invited to the award ceremony at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, to join the winners from elsewhere in Europe.

The financial crisis has highlighted the importance of economic knowledge and competence. It is important that young people know the possibilities related to their own finances and are able to assess the risks involved in various decisions. The Generation €uro Students’ Award provides intermediate-level students with a unique opportunity of familiarising themselves with monetary policy in a modern and attractive way as part of a Eurosystem-wide competition.

Further information on the timetables and competition rounds can be found on the Generation €uro website,, and the Bank of Finland website,

For more details, please contact Iina Lario, Communications Officer, tel. +358 10 831 2689.