The Bank of Finland’s duty to redeem markka banknotes and coins ends on 29 February 2012, in other words, 10 years after the end of the dual currency period.
If you want to convert Finnish markka into euro, we recommend that you contact your own bank first. Banks accept markka banknotes and coins from their regular customers, at their own discretion. The foreign exchange bureau Forex is another place to turn to for conversion of markka notes and coins into euro.
Markka banknotes and coins can also be returned to the Bank of Finland by post. The sender is responsible for postage. The address is: BANK OF FINLAND, Customer Service Office, PO Box 160, 00101 Helsinki.
The Bank of Finland has one Customer Service Office at Rauhankatu 19, Helsinki, where you can present markka notes and coins for conversion into euro. The Customer Service Office is open on weekdays from 10 to 12 am and 13 to 15 pm. The Bank of Finland’s regional offices do not have a Customer Service Office.
The Bank of Finland’s duty of redemption applies to all markka banknotes issued in or after 1945, and coins included in the last markka coin series before the changeover to euro. Commemorative coins issued in or after 1989 also qualify for redemption.
Further information and pictures of the markka banknotes and coins that qualify for redemption are available on the Bank of Finland’s website at
Please note that the Bank of Finland redeems markka banknotes and coins at nominal value. Redeemable markka banknotes and coins may have sentimental or numismatic value that exceeds their nominal value.
The value of redeemable markka banknotes and coins still in circulation totals approximately FIM 1.7 billion, of which approximately FIM 750 million is in banknotes and approximately FIM 591 million in coins, and approximately FIM 330 million in commemorative coins.

For further information, please contact
Kenneth Sainio, Senior Adviser, tel. +358 10 831 3463.