In the first half of 2013, a total of 226 counterfeit euro banknotes were detected among banknotes in circulation in Finland. An analysis of semi-annual statistics covering a three-year period shows that the number of counterfeits was smaller than average. 
​Period 1/2010​ ​2/2010 ​1/2011 ​2/2011 ​1/2012 ​2/2012 ​1/2013
Number of counterfeits  ​478 ​574 406 ​421 ​248 372 ​226
Of the banknotes in different denominations, the EUR 50 was the most frequently discovered counterfeit banknote in Finland (100 counterfeits) in the first half of 2013, followed by EUR 20 (57 counterfeits) and EUR 100 (36 counterfeits).

A number of security features have been incorporated into euro banknotes for recognising genuine bank-notes. Banknote authenticity can be checked using the simple FEEL-LOOK-TILT test described in Eurosystem publications. In case of doubt, a suspected banknote should be compared directly with one that is known to be genuine. Instructions and guides for checking banknote authenticity can be found on the Bank of Finland website (

The European Central Bank has published a press release  ( on the number of counterfeit euro banknotes found worldwide in the first half of 2013.

For further information on the situation in Finland, please contact:

Kari Takala, Principal Advisor, Bank of Finland, tel. +358 10 831 2554
Paavo Perttu, Head of Cash Technology, Bank of Finland, tel. +358 10 831 3434

Marja-Leena Mönttinen, Forensic Examiner, National Bureau of Investigation, tel. +358 71 878 6437