Pertti Ukkonen, MSc (Econ.) 52, has been appointed Head of Internal Audit at the Bank of Finland. The appointment is for a five-year term.
The Head of Internal Audit manages the Internal Audit unit, which is independent of other functions at the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority. The unit is one of the means by which the Board can assess the adequacy and appropriateness of internal control and risk management and enhance their effectiveness. Key expert services provided by Internal Audit are evaluations of the operation of processes, functions or systems and suggestions for their improvement.
Pertti Ukkonen has been at the Bank of Finland since 1992 and has worked as Deputy Head of Internal Audit since 2004. He succeeds Erkki Kurikka, who has taken up the post of Head of Internal Audit at the Parliamentary Office of the Parliament of Finland.​