The Board of the Bank of Finland has appointed Päivi Heikkinen MSc. (Econ) as Head of Payment Systems and Petteri Vuolasto MSc. (Eng) as Head of ICT and Information Management. The appointments are for a fixed term of five years, for the period of 1 January 2019–31 December 2023.

Päivi Heikkinen has served as Head of the Cash Department of the Bank of Finland since 2014.

Ms. Heikkinen’s previous posts include Head of the Oversight of Market Infrastructure division of the Financial Stability and Statistics Department and senior economist at the European Central Bank. Ms. Heikkinen has strong expertise in cash supply, payment, and payment systems.

Petteri Vuolasto has been Head of the Bank of Finland’s Information Technology unit since 2009. He has previously served as Head of the Bank’s IT Production division. Mr Vuolasto has strong expertise in core ICT and information management.

Search for the new Heads of Department was initiated when the Board of the Bank of Finland took the decision to renew the Bank’s organisational structure. The purpose of the reorganisation is to support the Bank of Finland’s strategic guidelines by concentrating the functions relating to payments and ICT and information management into their own departments.

The Payment Systems department will be responsible for cash supply and the oversight and development of payment systems. The ICT and Information Management department will be responsible for information systems as well as document and information services.

The press release was corrected on 10 December 2018.