reporting instructions for payment statistics (MATI)

The integration of payments transmission (SEPA) and the entry onto the market of new service providers are changing retail payments in Europe. These changes also have implications for the statistics to be compiled on payments transmission. Accordingly, the Eurosystem has renewed its payment system statistics and brought them within the scope of the ECB Regulation on statistics in 2013.

The Bank of Finland’s annual data collection caters to the data needs of the Bank of Finland itself, the European Central Bank, Statistics Finland and the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. The Bank of Finland is responsible for data collection and transmission. Reporting is conducted in February for the preceding calendar year. The first round of data reported to the Bank of Finland took place in February 2015 in respect of 2014.

current instructions


the collection of statistical data is based on the following regulations

Council Regulation concerning the collection of statistical information by the European Central
Bank (No 2533/1998, as amended by 2015/373)

ECB regulation on payment statistics (ECB/2013/43, as amended by ECB/2020/59)

Act on the Bank of Finland (214/1998, sections 26 and 28)