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Responsibility for the compilation of balance of payments was transferred from the Bank of Finland to Statistics Finland on 1 January 2014. During the transition period 1 January 2014 – 30 June 2014, monthly balance of payments releases will continue to be published via the Bank of Finland’s website. Balance of payments data published after the transition period will be posted on Statistics Finland’s website. Statistics Finland is responsible for the content of published releases and data figures.

As of July 11th 2014, Finland will publish its balance of payments data in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of BPM6. At the same time, Finland will adopt the new ECB Guidelines and the European Union Regulations.
Here is a link to information on the changes that the new statistics standards cause in the compilation of balance of payments statistics: http://tilastokeskus.fi/til/maksutasetilastointi_en.html

Inward and outward portfolio investment decreased in 2013

Foreign investment in Finnish securities totalled EUR 10.5 bn in 2013, compared with porftolio investment inflows of EUR 25 bn in 2012. The decrease in foreign investors' investment in Finnish assets can mainly be attributed to reduced investment flows in bonds.
Finnish investors' portfolio investment in foreign securities amounted to EUR 7.9 bn in 2013, while investment outflows of EUR 15.8 bn were recorded in the previous year. Reduced outward investment flows into foreign debt securities were the main contributor to the decrease in foreign portfolio investment by Finnish investors.

Direct investment

In net terms, foreign direct investment (FDI) into Finland amounted to EUR -0.8 bn in 2013. This means that foreign investors' capital injections into Finnish enterprises lagged behind repatriations of capital. A year earlier Finland recorded a net FDI inflow of EUR 3.2 bn.
According to preliminary data, Finland’s FDI outflows amounted to EUR 3 bn in 2013, which was EUR 2.8 bn less than in the previous year.
At end-2013, Finnish residents' FDI claims totalled EUR 117.7 bn and FDI liabilities EUR 73.5 bn.

Current account

A current account deficit of EUR 2.1 bn was still recorded in 2013, but the deficit decreased from the previous year. In BOP terms, there was a surplus of EUR 0.1 bn in the balance of trade .
Foreign trade in services showed a surplus of EUR 0.4 bn on the back of a decrease in services import. The income account posted a deficit of EUR 0.5 bn. Net investment income outflows totalled EUR 0.6 billion.

Balance of payments in January 2014

Current account

In January, a current account deficit of EUR 0.4 bn was recorded and, in balance of payments (BOP) terms, the trade account posted a deficit of EUR 0.3 bn.

Trade and current account

Financial account

There was net capital inflow of EUR 8 bn, consisting of:

  • a net inflow of EUR 0.2 bn in the form of direct investment.
  • a net portfolio investment inflow of EUR 6.4 bn.
  • a net inflow of EUR 1.3 bn in the form of other investment.
Portfolio investments

Net international investment position at end-January

Foreign assets exceeded foreign liabilities by EUR 23 bn.

  • Finnish residents’ foreign assets totalled EUR 636 bn.
  • Finnish residents’ foreign liabilities totalled EUR 613 bn.

Net international investment position – excluding equity items – was a negative EUR 69 bn.

Net international investment position 


Finland's balance of payments
Year 2013,
EUR million
December 2013,
EUR million
January 2014,
EUR million
12 month moving sum, EUR million
Current account -2,078 -739 -376 -2,177
    Goods 130 -403 -251 23
    Services 447 17 26 424
    Income -535 -265 92 -550
    Current transfers -2,120 -88 -242 -2,074
Capital account 212 21 17 213
Financial account -698 -5,233 8,075 3,761
    Direct investment -3,841 -1,160 247 -4,639
    Portfolio investment 2,578 -8,963 6,439 3,638
    Other investment -785 4,874 1,299 4,491
    Reserve assets -768 -299 40 -612
    Financial derivatives 2,118 315 49 884
Errors and omissions 2,563 5,951 -7,717 -1,797
The statistics become final more than two years after the end of the reference year.

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