This section contains statistical data on loans granted and deposits received by monetary financial institutions (MFIs) resident in Finland, and the respective interest rates. Data is also shown on the aggregated balance sheet of MFIs and the contribution of Finnish MFIs to euro area monetary aggregates. The data is collected monthly, directly from MFIs that comprising of the Bank of Finland, deposit banks, other credit institutions and money market funds.

Data on euro-denominated loans to and deposits from households and non-financial corporations are broken down by various classifications and shown in more detail than other balance sheet items. In addition to outstanding amounts, flow data, derived annual growth rates are shown, as well as monthly data on new business on loans. Household loans are also broken down by end-use of the loan. As regards loans to and deposits from general government and financial corporations (excluding MFIs), the statistics published reflect the main developments. The tables are updated on the last banking day of each month.

Balance sheet of Finnish MFIs

This section shows the monthly balance sheet of the Bank of Finland and the month-end aggregated balance sheet of Finnish MFIs (including and excluding the balance sheet of the Bank of Finland). In addition to the Bank of Finland, MFIs in Finland comprise deposit banks, other credit institutions and money market funds. 

Monetary aggregates and counterparts

In addition to the outstanding amount of the Finnish contribution to euro area monetary aggregates and counterparts, the tables show the corresponding flows and main growth rates. Main aggregates of the euro area are also shown in charts. 

Euro-denominated deposits held by euro area residents with Finnish MFIs and other financing

This section shows data on euro-denominated deposits held by euro area residents with Finnish MFIs broken down by sector, instrument, interest rate linkage and MFI sub-category. For deposits, the share of euro area countries other than Finland is small, as is the share of deposits deposits denominated in currencies other than euro. Other MFI financing covers debt securities issued, broken down in the tables by maturity and MFI sub-category.

Euro-denominated Finnish MFI loans to euro area residents

This section shows data on month-end outstanding amounts and volume of new business conducted during the month on euro-denominated Finnish loans granted by Finnish MFIs to euro area residents. Both outstanding amounts and the volume of new business are broken down in tables by all available variables. In addition to new loan contracts, new business covers contracts arising from renegotiations of existing loans. The section shows also the volumes of commercial paper and local authority paper programmes arranged by MFIs. 

Interest rates

Data are shown on main deposit and lending rates as well as reference rates of banks applicable in Finland with the exception of Euribor rates, shown in the section Interest rates.

Breakdown of loans and deposits by MFI sub-category and interest rate margins

Data on the proportion of loans and deposits and interest rate margins are shown by MFI sub-category. The MFI sub-categories applied are commercial banks, savings banks, cooperative banks, branches of foreign banks in Finland as well as other credit institutions.