Papers, presentations and comments updated May 26, 2008.

Thursday 15 May

8.45   Registration
9.00–10.00 Paper Presentation Information, heterogeneity and market incompleteness
  Author(s) Liam Graham* (University College London), Stephen Wright (Birkbeck College, University of London)
  Comments Jouko Vilmunen (Bank of Finland)
10.00   Coffee break
10.30–11.30 Paper Presentation Risk Premiums and Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Heterogeneous Agent Model
  Author(s) F. De Graeve (FRB of Dallas), M. Dossche (NB of Belgium), M. Emiris (NB of Belgium), H. Sneessens (Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve), Raf Wouters* (NB of Belgium)
  Comments Antti Ripatti (Bank of Finland)
11.30–12.30 Paper Presentation Financial Factors in Business Cycles
  Author(s) Lawrence Christiano (Northwestern University, NBER), Roberto Motto* (European Central Bank), Massimo Rostagno (European Central Bank)
  Comments Bojan Markovic (Bank of England)
12.30   Lunch
14.00–15.00 Paper Presentation Adjusting to Capital Account Liberalisation
  Author(s) Kosuke Aoki* (London School of Economics), Gianluca Benigno (London School of Economics, Bank of England), Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (London School of Economics, FRB of New York)
  Comments Atsuyoshi Morozumi (University of Warwick)
15.00   Coffee break
15.30–16.30 Paper Presentation Credit Frictions and Household Debt in the U.S. Business Cycle: A Bayesian Evaluation
  Author(s) Alessandro Notarpietro (University of Bocconi)
  Comments Niku Määttänen (The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy)
16.30–17.30 Paper Presentation Credit Frictions, Housing Prices, and Optimal Monetary Policy Rules
  Author(s) Caterina Mendicino* (Bank of Canada), Andrea Pescatori (FRB of Cleveland)
  Comments Virginia Queijo von Heideken (Sveriges Riksbank)
19.00   Dinner

Friday 16 May

9.00–10.00 Paper Presentation Incorporating Financial Frictions in the New Area Wide Model
  Author(s) Giovanni Lombardo (European Central Bank), Peter McAdam* (European Central Bank)
  Comments Markus Haavio (Bank of Finland)
10.00   Coffee break
10.30–11.30 Paper Presentation  Price Level Targeting and the Financial Accelerator: Welfare Analysis in an Open Economy DSGE Model
  Author(s) Ali Dib (Bank of Canada), Caterina Mendicino* (Bank of Canada), Yahong Zhang (Bank of Canada)
  Comments Luca Sessa (Banca d'Italia)
11.30–12.15 Presentation Credit Market Shocks and Economic Fluctuations: Evidence from Corporate Asset Markets
  Author(s) Simon Gilchrist (University of Boston)
12.15   Closing remarks
    Farewell lunch
14.00   End of the seminar