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Call for applications – SPRING-Fall 2020

The Bank of Finland's Research Unit invites applications for the Visiting Scholars Programme in the areas of interest for the Bank, i.e. macroeconomics, monetary policy and financial stability.


We invite Visiting Scholars on a biannual basis.

Spring 2020 visits will take place between January and June 2020.

Fall 2020 visits will take place between August and December 2020. The deadline for Fall 2020 applications is April 19, 2020.

We do not accept applications for July due to holiday season.


Visits usually last one to three weeks, although longer periods are also possible. We expect the Visiting Scholars to stay with the Research Unit for the entire duration of their visit.


We invite scholars from both academia and policy institutions, esp. central banks. Candidates should hold a doctoral degree in Economics or Finance at the time of applying and be active researchers. We particularly encourage first-time applications.

Preference will be given to proposals that have the potential to develop into a long-term collaboration with Bank’s staff.

Funding and accommodation

We reimburse a single round-trip economy class ticket to Helsinki. We offer a remuneration intended to cover accommodation and food expenses. For visitors who cannot accept Bank of Finland remuneration, these arrangements are negotiable, for example we can instead cover the accommodation costs directly.

Relationship with the Research Unit

We encourage Visiting Scholars to participate fully in the research life of the Research Unit, for example by attending the research seminars, seminars run by the Bank of Finland BOFIT Unit and other events related to research.  We expect Visiting Scholars to present their own work in a seminar whilst they are visiting the Research Unit, and to submit subsequently a paper to Bank of Finland Discussion Paper Series (which does not conflict with any later submission to a peer-reviewed journal).

Computer facilities and desk space

We provide the Visiting Scholars with office space as well as access to Research Unit facilities, including unrestricted data, libraries and computer resources.

Application instructions

All applications should be submitted through the online form (to be published).

Please fill in all obligatory fields (marked with *):

  • “Personal information”
  • “Details of the research visit”
  • “CV”
  • “How did you learn about our visiting programme”
  • “Title of the research project”: (or put keywords describing recent research)
  • “Research proposal”: (or provide an abstract summary of recent research)
  • “Cover letter”: (or upload CV again)

Any inquiries should be sent to vp.research (at)

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Future calls for applications

The Visiting Scholars Programme is biannual. The next call will be announced in March 2020. The deadline for applications for visits in Fall 2020 (from August to December) is April 19, 2020.

Additional information

Please notice that the Visiting Scholars Programme of the Research Unit is separate from and has a different focus than the Visiting Researchers Programme organized by the Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT). For the BOFIT programme, please see