The Red administration of the Bank of Finland left behind them material that was later assembled into approximately one metre of archive material entitled Kapinan ajan asiakirjoja ('Documents from the rebellion'). Unfortunately only scraps of the archive have survived down to the present day, while the document management of the Red occupiers was not very organised.

In regard to the occupiers of the head office, there is a list of names dating to the end of February among the 'Documents from the rebellion', precise date 27 February 1918. It is uncertain how comprehensive this list is. There is even less information on the branches – in the correspondence that has survived there are hints that employees were hard to find and even children of the occupiers attending high school were recruited to fill clerical posts.

We likewise have no information on the later fate of low-ranking employees under the People's Delegation. The statistics compiled by the war deaths project contains no information on these employees, suggesting most of them escaped death by execution or in the prison camps. One possible explanation for this is that they did not bear arms during the rebellion. They possibly fled via Viipuri to Petrograd, as did most of the leading Reds.