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Risto Herrala


Finlands Banks forskningsinstitut för tillväxtmarknader (BOFIT)


      • Intia etsii suuntaa (15.6.2022). Risto Herrala. Keskuskauppari maakatsaus Intia 2022.

      • Opening up in the Caucasus and Central Asia : Policy Frameworks to Support Regional and Global Integration (15.7.2018). P. de Imus; E. Gemayel; R. Herrala; A. Kireyev; F. Talishli; Risto Herrala. IMF Staff Discussion Note.

      • The Economic Impact of Conflicts and the Refugee Crisis in the Middle East and North Africa (15.9.2016). Björn Rother; Gaëlle Pierre; Davide Lombardo; Risto Herrala; Priscilla Toffano; Erik Roos; Greg Auclair; Karina Manasseh. IMF Staff Discussion Note.