BOFIT Seminar - Jan Fidrmuc (Université de Lille) - Does education affect religiosity? Causal evidence from a conservative emerging economy

Co-authors: Mustafa Özer (Kilis Yedi Aralık University, Emmanouil Mentzakis (University of Southampton) and Özcan Özkan (Kilis Yedi Aralık University) 


Do people become more or less religions with more education? The previous literature offers mixed findings on the relationship between education and religiosity. This may be due to endogeneity bias – education and religiosity can be caused by a third variables such as culture or upbringing. We instrument education by exposure to the 1997 education reform in Turkey which increased mandatory schooling from 5 to 8 years. The reform increased the probability that young girls complete 8 years of schooling and reduced their later-in-life self-reported religiosity. In contrast, it did not influence such outcomes for boys. These effects are primarily observed for females growing up in strongly religious or poor areas.


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